Your Bridge to Central Europe...

About was created with the aim of assisting investors in entering and succeeding in the Polish market. Poland and central Europe is a place full of opportunities ready to be explored. Grasping those opportunities requires trustworthy local partners who will be able to guide you through the intricacies of Polish business environment.

This is the reason for why we created - aimed particularly at investors from Arabic countries. We have confidence that we are capable of opening new trade routes and establishing successful businesses together. The recent announcement by Qatar Airways to fly from Doha to Warsaw and Emirates Airlines of starting direct flights from Dubai to Warsaw is a good sign of positive changes in business attitudes towards the central European region.

Our network of partners can offer you support in various areas of your investment. We pride ourselves that our strategic partner is the W. Paturej Law Firm - the first one in Poland to offer its services in Arabic language. Legal support is absolutely vital in order to successfully enter the market and maintain a portfolio of profitable investments- the support that you will receive from day one from the W. Paturej Law Firm. Our rich network of partners can also assist you with other services once your business in Poland starts to accelerate. (Please see our partners section). 

Poland and the central European region is an area full of opportunities ready to explore. We believe that the time to open a thriving bridge from the Middle East to Central Europe has come., with its extensive network of partners can offer you valuable support at all stages of this fascinating journey.